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Samsung Apps Patcher for Samsung phones with custom ROMs.

Important notice

As I've moved on from having a Samsung phone and Samsung accessories, I can no longer properly maintain this project.
Any builds uploaded in June 2022 or later have not been tested and are simply a continuation of the patches already in place.
I would recommend you find a different way of running the Galaxy Wearable apps.

Don't install just one app

All apps in this suite need to be unpatched or patched; they won't be able to work together if you mix them.
Please install all 3 "Core apps" in addition to the plugins for whatever device(s) you own.
If you're unsure, you can run the script to remove all unpatched Wearable apps before installing new ones.

Core apps

Samsung Health app icon

Samsung Health

22 August 2022

★★★ Working

Galaxy Wearable app icon

Galaxy Wearable

14 September 2022

★★★ Working

Accessory Service app icon

Accessory Service

11 August 2022

★★★ Working

Watch plugins

Galaxy Watch Plugin app icon

Galaxy Watch Plugin

30 August 2022

★★★ Working

This is for the Galaxy Watch ONLY. Blame Samsung's naming scheme for the confusion.

Galaxy Watch3 Plugin app icon

Galaxy Watch3 Plugin

30 August 2022

★★★ Working

Galaxy Watch4 Plugin app icon

Galaxy Watch4 Plugin

8 December 2021

☆☆☆ Not working

This xda post seems to have some information about getting the Watch4 working.

Watch Active Plugin app icon

Watch Active Plugin

2 May 2022

★★★ Working

Gear Fit2 Plugin app icon

Gear Fit2 Plugin

19 August 2021

★★★ Working

Gear S Plugin app icon

Gear S Plugin

2 May 2022

★★★ Working

Other plugins

Galaxy Buds Manager app icon

Galaxy Buds Manager

17 April 2022

★★★ Working

Galaxy Buds Pro Manager app icon

Galaxy Buds Pro Manager

16 May 2022

★★★ Working

Galaxy Buds2 Manager app icon

Galaxy Buds2 Manager

16 May 2022

★★★ Working

Galaxy Buds+ Manager app icon

Galaxy Buds+ Manager

19 August 2022

★★★ Working

Galaxy Buds Live Manager app icon

Galaxy Buds Live Manager

16 May 2022

★★★ Working


You can find older versions of these apps, as well as a platform-tools zip, in this MEGA drive.