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Some of my previous projects...

July 2022

Made with Flutter
Screenshot of timing trainer success screen.

Learn to identify sub-second timing intervals, reimplemented in Flutter

June 2022

Screenshot of timing trainer success screen.

Learn to identify sub-second timing intervals

April 2022

Screenshot of the social media Chat page.

A social media demo app

February 2022

Prusa Printables project
The tip of a Samsung S Pen stylus with a cover attached around it.

S Pen Cover for the Samsung Tab S7

January 2022

Four connected nodes whose positions are controlled by the FABRIK algorithm.

FABRIK (Forward And Backward Reaching Inverse Kinematics) Demo

December 2021

Prusa Printables project
3d model cross section of a prosthetic thumb

3D printed thumb prosthetic

November 2021

A collection of clocks displaying different times of the day. The middle clock is highlighted and shows the current time.

A page that contains every analogue clock face

November 2021

GitHub project
Zombies surrounding a player character.

Top-down zombie shooter coursework

November 2021

Screenshot of my web-based calculator tool. The display reads '3 × 5 = 15'.

A simple calculator, an extension part of UoM's introduction to programming

October 2021

GitHub project
Unofficial Microsoft Office 365 logos supported by this project.

loffice-365 fork: Linux desktop integration of the Office 365 web apps

June 2021

GitHub project
Screenshot of a terminal interface in the process of patching several Samsung apps

Samsung apps patcher for custom ROMs

May 2021

GitHub project
List of Android adb terminal commands to remove Samsung's bloatware

Debloating script for Samsung phones like my S20 FE

June 2020

A visualisation of the threads of numbers in the collatz sequence.

A calculator based around the collatz conjecture

before June 2020

Hex colour codes training game

before June 2020


Repo with documentation for reusable CSS and JS libraries

before June 2020

LIFE - live evolution simulator

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